2-Lisa Bio_117I love waking up to birdsong coming though my open windows, the feel of waves lapping at my feet, a fast run on a warm day, a cold beer with a good burger, deep connections with good friends, writing. I’m an avid hobby naturalist who leaps at any excuse to have a magnification loop and binoculars strung around my neck, a lackadaisical gardener, and am genetically part mermaid provided the water’s on the warm side.

I’m an architectural designer by profession. And, also by nature. I’ve walked in the green grass of many a building site with intrepid owners eager to construct their dream home and bellied through sweltering insulation-itchy attics to figure out how to move walls to expand a kitchen. I do this because possibilities excite me. And because I’ve found that by combining creativity with thoughtful understanding a lot is possible.

IMG_1088I’ve had the chance to observe how surroundings affect the quality of our lives.  I’ve realized that the thoughts and emotions we curate inside ourselves shape our experience. I believe we can build lives that nurture meaning and create satisfaction. This kind of design excites me, too.

Northern California has been my home for forty years. My husband and I live in a house we brought out of the ground with our own sweat and we appreciate that home every day. Hummingbirds and monarchs, oak trees and lizards, occasionally even a bear or a cougar, meander through our yard. I like this. These things remind me that life is big, that life is mysterious, that life is constantly unfurling.

Every day, the adventure, the possibilities, beckon….


3 Responses to About

  1. Austin Steele says:

    Dear Lisa,
    This site looks amazing!!! I am so happy to learn there are people out there following their passion; people like you. I look forward to reading your posts, and, following this 365 journey through time that you have begun.

    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Austin,
      It’s a complete treat to have you visit here! Your passion and enthusiasm radiate so clearly and strongly, enlivening the world. And me, too! Thank you.


  2. Jhogan55@msn.com says:

    I am so hoping this finds you well and happy! The news these recent days remind me of the sweet moments we shared. I am just finding this blog and look forward to reading your thoughts. I’m sending mine to you, hoping you stay safe through these trying times. Love, Your OLD Friend, Jan Hogan


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