Touchstone – Being What We Are

10 July 2015


My eye is still twitching.  The work I’ve done around it, both physical and emotional, hasn’t made it go away.  I wish it had.  I wish that there was always a direct relationship between effort out and desired result.  Often, things don’t work that way.

But I think it’s our attitudes that matter most, regardless of outcomes.

Discussing our striving for perfection and our inevitable shortfalls, a friend reminded me of the importance of treating ourselves with kindness.  Of offering ourselves the same caring we would extend to a friend.  Talking about this naturally strengthened our commitments to compassion.  We extended giving and receiving within a relationship we both value.  As it turns out, I have been given so many gifts as a result of this relatively trivial annoyance and the host of things it brought up within me.

I’m moving on, eye twitch or no.  It’s the weekend.  I’m going to do some happy dancing.  I hope you are, too!

Christine Carter

Thanks to sociologist and author Christine Carter for her thought-provoking blog and her Thursday Thoughts.




About Lisa Sorensen

I'm an architectural designer with a passion for exploring the stretch beyond, the lean toward what we yearn for.
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2 Responses to Touchstone – Being What We Are

  1. katecurran says:

    Reblogged this on kacoatney.


  2. katecurran says:

    Lisa I’m sorry to hear your eye is still being troublesome. Hope it passes soon. Love the Amy Poehler quote!


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